Men’s Fashion Highlights

As summer slams its door shut in our faces and brings about coldness and darkness once again, the implications for all matters sartorial is one of the few things to find solace in.

Layering addicts will, of course, get their annual fix of fabric, while for the rest of us there’s a buffet of new trends to get stuck into that spans way beyond the stingier package that summer dressing stumps up.

With the help of some of the industry’s most eagle-eyed professionals, we’ve rounded up the autumn-winter trends that are sticking their heads above the parapet to become the talked about moves in menswear.

Menswear is in an interesting place at the moment. The way men dress is slowly getting more colourful, more adventurous and less constrained by old rules and dress codes. As white-collar workers where hoodies to the office and streetwear designers reimagine tailoring, change is everywhere.

Spring is the perfect time for reinvention and breathing new life into your style.

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