Stylish Colours For Autumn/Winter

Love me some red

Red reigns supreme for making a style statement in cooler weather. But this season sees two shades take centre stage: chilli pepper (a bold, bright fire engine hue) and biker red (a deep burgundy tone). The good news is that both colours suit most complexions and showcase texture beautifully.

When it comes to classic, neutral hues, the front runners are navy, chocolate brown, cream and soft dove grey. These colours can definitely form the basis of your wardrobe for autumn/winter 2019 and work as an excellent base for the brighter colours in this season’s palette.

Delicate pastel peach is back this season is two stunning varieties. Firstly, creme De peche, a barely there peaches and cream hue and secondly, peach pink, a truer more apricot tone that will brighten up any day.

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