Fresh Ways To Wear A T.Shirt !!

You’ve almost certainly got one. If you’re smart, you’ll have about five on a perpetual rotation in your wardrobe. But what are the best ways to wear a white T-shirt?

The most staple of your wardrobe’s staples is also its most versatile: it dresses up, it dresses down, it’s the blank canvas around which you can you build any outfit. That range brings with it, however, a wide margin for error, too – misjudge the fit or what your wear it with and you look less Marlon Brando, more off-duty David Brent.

To decode this seemingly blank slate, we’ve spoken to industry insiders for ways to wear the white tee, wherever you’re heading.

White Tee + Leather Jacket

Dean’s other uniform is the easiest way to introduce some edge to your wardrobe. But you need to tread the line between fire ‘fit and fancy dress, says Mr Porter style director Olie Arnold. This could just as easily be a black T-shirt, but white is classic.

“There’s another side to 1950s dressing. Go for a crisp white crew neck underneath a classic leather jacket. Brands such as Schott offer a great fit with a nice balance of detailing – too few embellishments and your look is plain, too many and it can look overcrowded.”

Open Shirt + White Tee + Dark Jeans

Layering is an art. And the white tee should be the canvas, says Laurent Coulier, head of menswear at Menlook: “Wear the T-shirt under an open casual shirt. There’s an element of tailoring involved, but the unbuttoned touch ensures your look is relaxed.”

Effortlessness isn’t the only benefit. “Staples such as a white tee and black jeans anchor colour and prints, so feel free to mix it up,” says Coulier. “Plus, several buttons fastened around the middle can provide a more continental option.”

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