Wear A Pleated Skirt Without Changing Your Style

The same old pleated skirts that took over fashion across the globe from the 20s and remained acceptable to fashionistas well into the 00s are still here.

With so many ways to wear them, there is no doubt pleated skirts are here to stay for another 80 or so years. Not sure how to fit this trendy fashion item into your existing wardrobe? We have the answers.

Wear your fancy pleated skirt with your favourite statement t-shirt and a pair of sneakers for a casual look with just the right amount of fashion flair. Throw on a denim jacket if it’s a cooler day.

Why stop at just a pleated skirt? Raid the vintage clothing store and get some tops with shoulder pads too. Round it off with a matching beret and throw it way back. This is a great opportunity to mix and match prints, fashion eras and styles and get a look that is uniquely you.

Half the fun of wearing a pleated skirt is how it swirls around you when you spin. Show some leg and have some flirty fun with your look.

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