Passion For Boots ??

Do you love wearing ankle boots with your favorite spring outfit and over the knee boots right when it gets chilly enough to bring them out of your closet? Well, this boots style guide is for you! If you love wearing boots or want to wear boots more often but need inspiration on the different ways to wear boots throughout the year, you’re going to love this post!

In this definitive boots outfit guide, I’ll share with you the different types of boots, how to wear booties, how to wear a dress with boots, over the knee boots outfits, and of course a roundup of the must-have boots and shopping tips!

There are two ways you can approach boot shopping. Either you are looking for a pair of boots that will last you a decade and you can wear over and over again, or you’re looking for trendy boots that you might only keep for a season or two. Trendy or classic, each style comes in a variety of prices so in the following sections, you’ll see shopping options for both trendy and classic. If you’re looking for a trendy boot, it’s best to find a more affordable option, unless you have a very high shopping budget, and invest in the classic boots that you’ll wear for many years.

Ankle Boots and Booties- These are probably the most popular type of boot to wear on a daily basis. They are generally easy to pair with lots of outfits and they are my favorite type of boot.

Classic Ankle Boots – This is a great classic option because it has a slightly pointy toe instead of a round toe, for classic boots that you’ll wear a lot always go for a pointy toe as they are more flattering. That boot has a thick stacked heel, which means you can walk a lot in them and not get as tired.

Trendy Ankle Boots- These boots are fun and bring that pop to an outfit and show your personal style. These trendy boots will be influenced by trends from the runway and are mostly seasonal. Some trendy boots do last multiple years.

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