Ways To Wear Your Scarfs

Scarves are always handy to have on hand, for those days when you just can’t put together more than the most basic outfit. Well you can step up your style game even more by tying those scarves in unique ways… so today we’re here to share 25 of our very favorite ways to tie a scarf. Keep reading to get inspired!

Scarves might just be my favorite accessory. If I had to shop for just one thing for the rest of my life (why would someone do that do me?) it might be scarves. Scarves don’t judge you, they don’t miraculously shrink when you’re pregnant, and they have a tendency to stick around. But how to tie a scarf? That’s another story! We asked our friends for their favorite methods and came up with 13 different scarf tying ideas. Some are classics and some will be your new favorite thing.

If you have a larger scarf that you’d like to tie around your neck without the bulkiness, the bandana style is a great way to do it. Simply fold it into a triangle, and bring the two smaller ends around your neck.

You can even turn a scarf into a necklace of sorts, which is a great way to take advantage of your collection even when it’s warm out. This style is done using a pashmina. Make your way over to Julep to find out how to do this style, as well as a couple of others.


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