Oversized Victorian Sleeves

Take it back to the 18th century with the Victorian-inspired sleeves. Its oversized shape creates the illusion of a slimmer waist and adds an instant feminine touch to your ensemble. Opt for soft colors during spring, or unleash your inner gothic princess in black or grey. It is also a great time to pull out your vintage ‘80s puff sleeve looks – it’s a style that keeps coming back!

Oversized and statement have become synonymous. Big glasses, big bags, big shoulders and now, sleeves. When Vetements sent super long sleeves down the runway, we knew we were in for an shirting revolution. While length is one way to get the look, we’ve also seen styles that amp up the volume and statement factor with ballooning shapes and unexpected embellishment. The trick to this trend may lie in the functionality (how do you navigate a dinner table with all that extra fabric?)

Step up your style game this spring with a statement sleeve. Add a bell sleeve to any look for a refresh. I’ve layered my oversized sleeve under a dress but to keep things more casual I would pair it with jeans.

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