Tropical Prints Are Back!

Tropical prints are taking over this summer. This explosion of color and chaotic mix of all the flora and fauna of beaches, forests, gardens, islands and whatnot is exactly what we’ve been waiting for to balance everything out, if not to make us enjoy the hot season properly. Women want to look and feel feminine and sexy, having fun in the sun looking colorful and pretty, in the most effortless and feminine way possible. This is what the tropical prints are all about.

If you are into something more youthful and laid-back, an oversized dress like this would be perfect! Funky tropical prints just made its huge comeback this year; all with a modern summer vibe. You can pair this dress with a matching pair of sandals, sneakers and even with just beach flip flops!

Wear the same tropical print from head to toe like a dress, trouser and blazer suit, tops and shorts. You can wear just one tropical print piece and pair it with a basic one if it’s too much for you, yet you want to give this wild trend a try. If you’re feeling bold and daring mix tropical prints with any other prints. Fruits, vegetables, floral, animal print – all these look fabulous against a tropical pattern.

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