Summer Shorts


Cool summer clothes for guys are invaluable, so make sure you’ve got a few good options to choose from. Linen, tailored shorts for smart casual looks, chambray shorts for more casual outfits, and some colourful shorts when you fancy a more vibrant finish. Shorts that finish just above the knee are ideal. Anything higher is going to look a little odd, and honestly, no matter how great your legs are, no one wants to see that much of your thigh when you’re out and about.

 Baggy shorts aren’t a summer look for guys, so while we’re not suggesting super tight fits, if you can feel a breeze heading towards your nether regions you should opt for a slimmer design.

Fabrics matter for shirts and suits, but the same can be said for your legwear. Denim shorts for men are probably out of the question, and a chambray material is a good alternative, giving you the same textured finish but without the weight.


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