Summer T.shirts

Unless you bathe in antiperspirant on a daily basis, it’s likely that you sweat. So you’ll definitely be sweating a lot more in the summer. If we’re honest there’s not a lot you can do to tame these sweats, but by choosing the right materials you can allow your skin to breathe and prevent your body from getting too overheated. Materials like nylon, polyester and rayon should be avoided, because unless you want to turn into a sweaty mess these will leave you cocooned in a tent of your own body heat. So instead, go for some of these summer friendly fabrics.

  • 100% cotton/seersucker cotton/madras cotton – Soft, durable, breathable, and because it’s a natural fabric it absorbs moisture.
  • Linen – Absorbs moisture but dries quickly, ensuring you’re not left with any noticeable sweat patches. Get a linen blend if you don’t want to deal with wrinkled shirts.

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